Sigma Beauty x Forbes

Forbes featured our Co-founder and CCO Simone Xavier as she shared how to bring innovative products to market and build resilience in a changing economy. 

On Starting A New Business With Little Expertise


“My focus was solely on my research, teaching, and service. I honestly didn’t wear any makeup.” - Simone Xavier


A veterinarian by profession, Sigma Beauty Co-founder and CCO Simone Xavier had her goals set on academics as her main career path before launching a beauty business came into play. Her passion for academia brought her and her husband, Rene Xavier Filho, to the U.S. from Brazil. It wasn’t until they traveled back to Brazil for Christmas that the idea of starting their own business started to bloom. 


Xavier went on to explain how she and Filho launched Sigma Beauty with a single brush set that instantly captured a cult following and sold out. Since its inception more than a decade ago, the company has always stood on its own two legs - selling product, generating revenue and reinvesting those revenues right back into the company to sustain its massive growth. 

Simone Xavier Simone Xavier
Brushes on Black Brushes on Black

On Bringing Innovative Products To Market


“These innovations that we have generated over 60 patents for the company are not always very obvious...but we’re always successful.” - Simone Xavier


Sigma has grown into a global beauty brand specializing in synthetic waterproof brushes, clean makeup, and innovative brush care. Xavier and Filho continue to use their backgrounds and freedom in funding to create and invest in products that they believe will push the beauty industry forward. 

On Being Resilient In A Changing Economy


“I have made a point in the past two years to have my product development completely ready for at least two years in advance. So today, I have every single product that we’re going to launch in the next two years completely defined and developed.” - Simone Xavier


Xavier describes herself as a driven, hardworking, and focused individual. It is through her extensive planning that Sigma Beauty has been able to remain stable during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Simone Xavier Simone Xavier
Clean Beauty Clean Beauty

On Setting The Tone For Change


“Being a Brazilian woman striving in business, especially a business I was not trained for, I think that has been very empowering,” - Simone Xavier


Xavier takes responsibility for staying on top of the current trends in the beauty industry. Sigma is proud to be a clean, cruelty-free, and inclusive brand that will continuously monitor and improve current and future products as beauty trends continue to evolve.