Make sure you always have a clean brush ready when you need one! Our innovative Sigma Dry'n Shape® collection features uniquely designed makeup brush drying organizer racks that fit perfectly into every beauty routine. These makeup brush drying racks are engineered to quickly dry and restore the shape and function of your makeup brushes, so they always look and feel brand new. Our makeup brush dryers include exclusive SigmaSnap® technology and special aerated bands that gently squeeze-dry your brushes upside-down to eliminate corrosion in the ferrule and prevent the growth of bacteria. Take the chore out of brush care and browse our top-rated makeup brush cleaners and dryers.

Drying & Shaping

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Who says makeup brush drying and reshaping has to be difficult? Let our Sigma Spa® brush care products do the work for you! Sara from New South Wales, Australia, says our Sigma Dry'N Shape® Tower Face & Eyes has “honestly saved [her] brushes, as water no longer runs into the handles when drying them...I 100% recommend. If you are a beauty junkie or makeup artist, this piece is essential.