Product Quality

We want you to have the greatest-quality products beauty technology can produce. At Sigma Beauty, we achieve this by listening to what you want, then using research and engineering to create new solutions for your everyday makeup products.


We look out for you with hand-crafted, synthetic SigmaTech® and Sigmax® fiber brushes - they’re antimicrobial to protect your skin and the fibers prevent product absorption, saving you money. Our exclusive filament developed with a thermoplastic engineering polymer featuring very thin fibers helps us bring you a more-efficiently hold and apply your products.


We want your brushes to last. Each handle is made with responsibly-sourced, high-resistance wood, layered with 8 coats of primer and paint to guarantee they’re long-lasting.

Sigma's new interlocking handles and ferrules


You love beauty and that means your tools should be beautiful too. Our SigmaAlloy™ ferrules are not just stronger, they are stunning. We created a special metal alloy of copper and zinc that is antimicrobial, corrosion and wear-resistant. Then, we layered each in chrome, copper, and gold for lifelong shine and protection.

Behind the Scenes