Check out this Q&A with our Co-founder & CCO, Dr. Simone Xavier

An Interview with Sigma Beauty Co-founder & CCO, Dr. Simone Xavier

We are proud to be a Latinx-owned business. Get to know the Brazilian power couple, Rene Xavier Filho and Simone Xavier, who started an international beauty brand! 


Q: When did you and Rene first come to the United States?

A: We came to the U.S. in 1999, so I could complete my PhD at the University of Minnesota. I was only 25 years old, and it was the first time I had ever gotten on a plane!

Simone Xavier Simone Xavier
Simone Xavier Simone Xavier

Q: What was your career path before starting Sigma?

A: My career path was heavily academic as I achieved my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree, Master of Science in Veterinary Pathology, and PhD in Infectious Diseases. I've always loved animals and worked as a vet, scientist and assistant clinical professor for many years.

Q: What was your career path before starting Sigma?

A: When we first started Sigma, I was a regular makeup user. My passion was really for trend analysis and solution-driven product development. Did I ever imagine I would own a beauty brand? No, but I can see how the skills I acquired during my academic career have helped in running a beauty company.

Simone Xavier Simone Xavier

Q: What was Rene's career path before starting Sigma?

A: Rene has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. He started a beekeeping business with his brother at the age of 15, before moving on to create and run one of the most successful pizza restaurant franchises in Brazil - Topping Pizza.

Q: What was Rene's career path before starting Sigma?

A: In fact, one of his menu items was selected to represent Brazil at the 1994 Berci Food Fair in Paris, France. Rene went on to achieve a degree in civil engineering and Master of Business Administration, before getting an opportunity to help create painting tools - that's really where Sigma Beauty began!

Rene and Simone Rene and Simone

Q: What sets Sigma apart from other beauty brands out there?

A: My background as a scientist and my husband's background as a civil engineer are our best competitive advantages. We like to think outside the box to create products that challenge the status quo and push the beauty industry forward.

Q: Why does the Cor-de-Rosa Collection mean so much to you?

A: Cor-de-Rosa in Portuguese means 'color of the rose.' I loved putting this collection together and acknowledging and honoring my heritage by naming the palette and lip colors using my native language. Every time I say 'Cor-de-Rosa,' I think of Brazil.



Cor-de-Rosa Cor-de-Rosa


During National Latinx Heritage Month September 15 - October 15, 2020, 5% of proceeds were donated to the Chicano Studies General Fund when you purchase any item from our Cor-de-Rosa Collection. This program provides valuable funding in the form of unrestricted support, allowing them to make key strategic investments in high-priority areas when opportunities and critical needs arise.