Skincare is self-care. The right skincare products can make all the difference, but so can the tools you use to apply them.
Everyone’s routine is completely unique, so we’re going to break down the skincare basics with the help of our Skincare Brushes.

Skincare Brushes

Indulge in Your Favorite Clay Mask

Whether you’re targeting dehydrated skin, clogged pores or dull-looking skin, there are many treatment options on the market. Whichever skincare mask you choose, our S01 Clay/Mud Mask™ Brush is perfect for applying face masks with ease. This silicone face mask brush doesn’t absorb or waste product like your fingers and hands. Instead, it allows you to scoop and evenly spread any thick face mask onto your skin.

Skincare Brush S10 Serum

Pack a Punch with Serum

A skincare serum benefits your skin because it has a very high concentration of active ingredients. This makes them great tools for targeting specific skincare concerns, like wrinkles or dehydration. Our S10 Serum™ Brush applies liquid and gel skin serums gently and evenly. It features wispy, ultra-soft synthetic bristles that vary in length to prevent product absorption. If your serum is a splurge, this antimicrobial makeup brush can help extend the life of your product.

Quench Your Skin’s Thirst

No matter your skin type, moisturizer benefits you in a number of ways. Not only does it soothe and comfort your skin, it seals in your serum. Applying moisturizer with a brush is gentler than using your fingers and helps decrease pulling or tugging on delicate areas. It also helps prevent the transfer of oils and bacteria that occurs when using your fingers to apply product. Our S05 Moisturizer™ Brush, features extra-soft, angled brush fibers that softly apply product in an upward lifting motion for a worry-free application.

S15 Gel Mask™ Brush

Nourish Your Skin with a Gel Mask

Whether choosing a face mask for winter or summer, a gel mask is always a great option as it’s formulated to hydrate and nourish skin. Some top skincare products include under eye gel masks, gel sleep masks and gel lip masks. No matter what you choose, our S15 Gel Mask™ Brush is the perfect face mask applicator brush! It’s designed to whip any gel masks onto your skin in a circular motion while minimizing mess and using minimal product.

Wake Up and Look Refreshed

Reduce the appearance of fine lines or diminish under eye puffiness with an eye cream. Our S20 Eye Cream™ Brush gently presses product into your skin without tugging on your delicate eye area, reducing premature aging of the skin.

PRO Tip: Keep your eye cream skincare products in the fridge for an instant cooling and soothing effect.

S02 Spatula™ Brush

Use Every Last Drop

Don’t you hate it when you can’t reach that tiny bit of product lingering at the bottom of small bottles and jars? Well, our S02 Spatula™ Brush is the perfect solution! One of our favorite tools, this mini makeup spatula features a small silicone brush head to help you get every last drop of your expensive skincare products. This silicone makeup brush is also great for scooping and mixing skincare formulas for a custom skincare routine.

PRO Tip: Add a few drops of your favorite serum into your foundation and mix to achieve the perfect dewy effect.

Beauty Begins with Skin

Add these waterproof makeup brushes to your skincare routine steps and enjoy fresher-looking skin in no time!
Our Skincare Brushes not only protect the skin from the transfer of bacteria that occurs when using your fingers to apply product,
they also help improve the results of your anti-aging skincare and everyday skincare regimens.