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How to Get Natural-looking Eyebrows

As the beauty world embraces the more natural side of things, we’re diving into one of our favorite trends to show you how to achieve it — the natural eyebrow look.

The easiest and most attainable brow shape, the natural brow is perfect for beauty mavens who don’t have a lot of time to spend on their makeup, or those who love a “no-makeup” look. In just 3 easy steps, this brow routine will have you out the door faster than you can say “of course I woke up like this!”

How to Fill in Eyebrows for a Natural Look

Step 1: Brush Everything Up
This is going to be the first and most important step in your brow routine — no matter the look you’re going for. By brushing your brow hairs upward, you can easily identify the sparse areas where you want to apply product.

Using a brow or lash spoolie brush — we love the E80 BROW AND LASH, or the spoolie end of the FILL + BLEND BROW PENCIL — begin combing hairs upwards, placing brow hairs exactly where you want them.

Step 2: Lightly Define the Brow
Remember, you’re going for a natural brow, so the key word here is lightly. The natural brow is meant to look like your own brows — just a little bit fuller. Using a softer product like our COLOR + SHAPE BROW POWDER DUO will allow you to lightly define your brows by filling in sparse areas without depositing too much color.

Reach for an angled brow brush to apply your brow powder — we love the E75 ANGLED BROW or E65 SMALL ANGLE. Dip the end of the brush in the lightest shade of your brow powder and start filling in sparse areas of your brow. Typically, the tail end and the front of your brow will be the sparsest areas.

PRO Tip: To add a little more dimension, use a darker shade of BROW POWDER to fill in the areas that might need a little more attention. This helps to create a fuller, more structured brow!

Step 3: Hold Everything in Place
To finish up your natural brow look, simply use eyebrow gel, swiping it through your brows. For the best results, start at the very front, then make your way to the tail end of the brow. As you apply the brow gel, the most important part is to brush the hairs upward--as we mentioned earlier. Brushing the hairs upward helps give your brows that natural, fluffy and full eyebrow shape we’re all dying to have. We love the TINT + TAME BROW GEL in Clear because it features a built-in spoolie brush!

That’s it! In just 3 quick and easy steps, you’ve learned how to transform the brows you already have, into the brows you’ve always wanted.