How to Apply False Lashes


We’ve all been there. It’s Monday morning, your skincare routine has your face looking fresh, but you open up your new box of cruelty-free False Eyelashes from Sigma Beauty and you realize that you’ve never gotten the chance to apply a set of falsies before. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.



1.Prep your eyes for stunning looks with the Wicked Long Wear Eyeliner Pencil



2. Apply a light coat of Sinuosity Lash Mascara to accentuate your natural lashes



3. Using your Lash Applicator, gently lift your falsies from the package by the inner corner



4. Make sure to measure and trim your false lashes, if needed!



5. Apply your favorite brand of lash glue to the lashes and allow it to dry for 30 seconds



6. Set the lashes on the center of the eye and align, then secure each side of the lash



7. Using your Lash Applicator, gently press your false eyelashes and natural lashes together



8. Then, using the comb on the opposite side of the applicator, brush your lashes together



9. On the bottom lashes, apply Sinuosity Lash Mascara with the E04 Lash Fan Brush 



10. Take on the day with perfectly applied lashes, Beauty!





To complete the perfect look, pair our Sigma False Lashes with a buttery soft eyeshadow palette. For everyday neutral looks, we recommend our Ambiance Eyeshadow Palette, but if you’re looking for jaw-dropping confidence, pair it with the Untamed Eyeshadow Palette for something more bold!