Foundation Brush Basics

Every good morning routine needs a strong foundation, both in the sense of your makeup base and a triple espresso to jump start your day. But what is the foundation of your foundation? Aside from the coffee, of course. Your brush selection is pivotal in your foundation application, and we want to make sure that you get the glow you deserve, so we put together this foundation brush guide!

F80 Flat Kabuki™ Brush

The F80 Flat Kabuki™ Brush is one of our most versatile brushes, sculpted and designed to provide a buildable, airbrushed foundation finish. It’s perfect for full coverage application, with liquid or cream foundation. It’s our #1 best-selling foundation brush and even won a Best of Beauty award from Allure!

F80 Air Flat Kabuki™ Brush

Another brush in our Kabuki™ line, the F80 Air Flat Kabuki™ Brush is best used for lighter coverage, such as a tinted moisturizer or CC/BB cream. It specializes in “no makeup” looks with feathery soft duo fiber bristles for a dewy and natural finish.

F85 Airbrush Kabuki™ Brush

This Kabuki™ features a rounded head for gentler application. It is perfect for full coverage application with liquid, cream, or powder foundation.  It can seamlessly buff out any foundation, to give you a polished to perfection look.

3DHD® Kabuki Brush

The 3DHD® line is the best Kabuki™ to use for achieving perfect skin on every curve and contour. Its dual angle brush head and Sigmax® fibers are designed to prime, mask, conceal, sculpt, and highlight every hard to reach point of your face.

3DHD® Max Kabuki Brush

The sister-brush to the above, the 3DHD® Max Kabuki Brush is designed for maximum efficiency, crafted so that you can quickly achieve perfect skin on every curve and contour using the extra wide brush head.

F47 Multitasker™ Brush

The Multitasker™ is perfect for taking your beauty routine to the next level with a dynamic, multifunction SigmaTech® fiber brush. It’s wide, uniquely angled head is perfect to seamlessly apply your favorite liquid or cream foundation, blush, bronzer, and more!

F60 Foundation Brush

The F60 Foundation Brush is the foundation brush. With one brush, you can apply everything from foundation to primer to moisturizer and more. It is the perfect brush for Beauty that needs a little bit of everything.

F67 Skin Perfector™ Brush

Get a little bit of everything with the Skin Perfector™ Brush! This classic brush is great for foundation, primer, moisturizer, and more. It specializes in liquid foundation, and can get you sheer to full coverage for perfect definition; another excellent multitool in your beauty kit!

Any of these brushes, paired with your fave foundation or BB cream, makes for the perfect way to start your day. To top it off, we recommend our Sculpt Highlight + Contour Palette, a universally flattering palette to sculpt and define your best features!