We, at Sigma Beauty, strive to be as transparent as possible with our customers - that’s why we started including seals on our products! Covering everything from our product formulas to exclusive technology, these seals make finding the right beauty product to fit your needs or lifestyle faster and easier than ever!


We are committed to providing our clients with high-quality products that are formulated with clean ingredients, meaning they are free of more than 70+ harsh chemicals commonly used by other brands. Our Clean Beauty Seal is designed to help you quickly identify which products are included in our Clean Beauty Program.


Co-founded by a veterinarian, all of Sigma Beauty's products are manufactured and developed using methods that do not involve experimentation on animals. We strongly believe that testing on animals is not necessary, and is a thing of the past. There are several in vitro tests, meaning performed or taking place in a test tube, culture dish, etc., that can assess the safety of cosmetics. When you see PETA’s logo on our product pages, you will know they are 100% cruelty-free.


Say hello to our Vegan Seal, designed to help you identify which products are vegan-friendly. For the past 8 years, all of Sigma Beauty’s brushes have been considered vegan as they feature synthetic bristles: SigmaTech® and Sigmax®. In addition to our brushes, we have an extensive list of other vegan products, meaning they are manufactured without using any animal products. This includes a large assortment of makeup, plus all of our brush care tools, cleansers and blenders.


Look for these seals on our products to find out if they contain gluten or lactose! Gluten is found in grains such as wheat, barley, rye and a cross between wheat and rye called triticate. If any Sigma Beauty product features the Gluten-free Seal, it does not contain any gluten or gluten byproducts.  


Similarly, our Lactose-free Seal identifies which products are lactose-free, meaning they are formulated without lactose. Lactose is a sugar that is a normal part of some cosmetic products. Certain people struggle to break down lactose because their bodies do not have enough lactase, the enzyme that breaks lactose down in the body. 


We strongly believe in the quality and performance of our products which is why we are proud to offer the beauty industry’s only free 2-year warranty on all Sigma Beauty brushes, brush sets and brush care tools. 


Co-founded by an engineer, Sigma Beauty’s state-of-the-art products are one of a kind. Our Patented Seal is designed to help you identify which products are exclusive to our brand, aka patented. Made to exclude others from making, using or selling an invention or feature of invention, a patent is a type of intellectual property. Products that are patented are protected inventions that Sigma Beauty owns, meaning you won’t find them anywhere else! Currently, we’ve earned more than 60 patents for our innovative designs.


The newest generation of Sigma Beauty brushes feature patented interlocking ferrules with double-threaded engineering. This exclusive technology, invented by Sigma Beauty, is an innovative screwing system that tightly attaches the brush handles and ferrules, unlike conventional brushes which are typically glued and pinched.


Made with solid, polymer-based handles, these brushes outperform brushes with wood handles. Wood handles expand and contract when in contact with water which causes the ferrule to separate from the handle after multiple washes.


The tight seal created by the interlocking technology, combined with the solid, polymer-based handles make our brushes waterproof. This means wetting the handles and ferrules during brush cleaning is no longer an issue because moisture won’t seep in.


See what the buzz is all about! Many of Sigma Beauty’s brushes, brush care and makeup have won numerous beauty awards, the most prestigious being Allure’s Best of Beauty. When you see the Sigma Beauty Award Winner Seal on our products, you’ll know they’ve been voted the best in the biz by top beauty editors, influencers and professional makeup artists!