Buy One Give One on US Buy One Give One on US



1. How do I redeem this offer?
Click on the unique URL located in your email. Remember: you only have 14 days to redeem your code once the initial order ships. 

2. Who can redeem this offer?
Only current U.S. residents can redeem the Buy One Gift One offer.

3. Can I use the free 2-year warranty on a gifted product?
The free 2-year warranty is only eligible for the purchased product and not the gifted product.

4. I already purchased a Buy One Gift One-eligible product without seeing the Buy One Gift One program. Can I go back and update my order?
We are sorry, we cannot adjust your order. This functionality is only available at checkout. We advise you to cancel your order, and place a new order if you would like to gift one to your friend.

5. Who get's free shipping?
Free shipping is only available for the customer who is receiving the gift.

6. My friend hasn't gotten their gifted product yet.
Recipients only get their gift when the initial order ships. If your recipient still hasn't gotten their redemption email, please contact our customer service team to look into this.

7. Can I return my free gifted product?
Gifted products cannot be returned or exchanged.

8. My coupon code/Pro Discount is not working on a Buy One Gift One product.
Promotional offers will not work on the product if you have opted into Buy One Gift One.

9. How many can I gift?
You can only gift one eligible product per order.