Explore the alternative uses of our skincare brushes to create a terrific Halloween Horror look.

Finding the perfect Halloween costume is hard. The number of Sad Bernies, Squid Game characters, and Met Gala Kardashian costumes this year will be overwhelming. You’ve been staring at the pair of cat ears you wore to the last Halloween party in the Before-Times thinking “No one will remember, right?” But they will. It’s been five years of cat ears and black outfits. It’s time to hang up the tail.

So you went to your local Spirit Halloween Store, the one that used to be a Best Buy, and you picked out the most arduous, latex-heavy, labor-intensive zombie makeup that you’ve ever seen. Something to stand out among the Among Us astronauts.

Issue is, you’ve never applied liquid latex in your life. Fortunately for you, we have, and we made a list of products that can be used to help you apply your latex like a pro.


Our S01 Clay/Mud Mask™ Brush and S02 Makeup Spatula™ Brush are multipurpose masterpieces. Normally, they are recommended for mixing and applying thick skincare formulas, and that makes them perfect for thick cream makeup and liquid latex. The smaller tip of the S02 Makeup Spatula™ Brush is perfect for mixing paints and formulas together for the perfect blend of zombie blood, and both spatulas feature a soft silicone head that latex easily peels off of.


The S20 Eye Cream™ Brush, while normally tasked with pampering the delicate skin under and around your eyes, is perfect for applying dense eyeshadow for the best blend of beauty and movie magic. Refine the look with small eye brushes like the E11 Liner Brush or the B12 Bent Liner Brush to add the small details a normal brush can’t.

Feather in fine, vein-like lines and detail around your eyes to seal the necrotic-zombie look. For an extra touch, you can use the S15 Gel Mask™ Brush to sweep on highlighter or a shimmery powder to add a sickly glow to your look.

Our Ancient Blood Recipe

Complete your Halloween look by mixing Venom and Belladonna Liquid Lipsticks with our Conditioning Lip Mask using the S01 Clay/Mud Mask™ Brush. Then, generously apply the mixture with the S10 Serum Brush.

Now that you’ve learned the secret arts, you should be ready to go out into the haunted Halloween world and scare all the neighborhood kids with your terrific new look. If you want a full guide on a Halloween look, check out our Get the Look: Victim to Vampire post, designed for when you work until five but want to stalk the shadows by six.