Blending Brush Guide

A blending brush is used to blend eyeshadow for a smooth transition between colors and to create a cohesive look. Whether you like a soft wash of color or a bright detailed look, blending is the most important step to every eye look. But where do you start? We’re breaking down the different types of blending brushes to teach you how each one can help you achieve that seamless finish you crave. 


Perfect for softening harsh lines, fluffy blending brushes are typically the last step to complete your eye look. These brushes can also be great to blend transition colors or diffuse a bold shade, ensuring that your eye makeup has that beautiful diffused finish. If you only choose one blending brush, we recommend the E40 Tapered Blending Brush! Fans refer to this classic brush as the “Holy Grail” or best blending brush that you need in your kit!

We also highly recommend the E38 Diffused Crease™ Brush! Included in many of our eyeshadow palettes, this brush is one of our founder’s favorite brushes. The versatile brush head is slightly less tapered and a little wider than the E40, allowing for a less precise and more all-over blend. 



If you’re looking for a more precise blend, we suggest a tapered blending brush. The slightly pointed tip of these brushes allow you to focus on diffusing a single area. These brushes are also great for applying color in more precise areas such as along the lashline, inner or outer corners, etc. We recommend the E45 Small Tapered Blending Brush for applying your desired eyeshadow shade anywhere you want! It’s versatile, slightly pointed head allows for an easy and exact application no matter your skill level. To blend colors along the lashline or to blend smaller details in your eye look, we love the E30 Pencil Brush! Its petite brush head is perfect for smudging eyeliner, apply eyeshadow along your lashline, adding a pop of highlight to the inner corner, and more!


Is intensity what you’re after? Firm blending brushes are perfect for just that! They allow you to evenly and precisely blend strong colors for an ultra-diffused finish. Sigma Beauty Global Makeup Artist Dani Schmidt loves the E25 Blending Brush because it’s great for packing on pigments AND blending them out! The E44 Firm Blender Brush is another perfect option for those who love adding strong colors on their lids. The firm, dense brush head is ideal for blending out any harsh color lines in your crease.


The smallest of blending brushes, detail blending brushes are the key to intricate eye looks and hard-to-reach areas. Perfect for blending the outer corners of your eye or applying a pop of shimmer to the inner corner, these precise brushes allow you to achieve a controlled blend no matter the size or shape of your eye. However, these brushes work particularly well with small or hooded eyes!

The  E42 Precision Firm Blender™ Brush features a more rounded, dense brush head. This brush is great for heavy blending in the crease and outer corner. Both the E36 Blending Brush  and E27 Detail Blending™ Brush are great options for anyone who struggles to find a blending brush that works on their small eyes or hooded eyes. These brushes feature brush heads designed to apply AND blend pigments with the utmost precision. 


If you’re looking for a blending brush with extreme versatility, look no further! Our max blending brushes work amazing for blending pigments on your lid, but they’re also designed for much more! You can exactly contour smaller areas of the face or add a precise gleam along your brow bone, Cupid’s bow, and more!

We recommend: 

E25 Max Blending Brush, E40 Max Tapered Blending Brush, and E45 Max Small Tapered Blending Brush - all available exclusively in the Deluxe Blending Brush Set!



Our Deluxe Blending Brush Set! is perfect if you don’t know which brush to get. It comes with 9 of our blending brushes and will allow you to create any look imaginable. It’s also great for professional makeup artists! 

If you need an eye kit that is more complete with a brush for all functions, our Basic Eye Brush Set is a great option to add to your collection of makeup tools - complete with blending brushes, shading brushes and eyeliner brushes for a winged or subtle look. 



All of Sigma's makeup brushes are vegan and use only the softest synthetic fibers on the market. In addition to our patented ferrules which create a stronger connection between the fibers and the handle, all of our brushes are all backed by a 2-year warranty.