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Eye Shadow Base

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The Eye Shadow Bases are made with a blendable, smooth formula to achieve a long-wearing and pigmented effect. Each base is paraben-free and designed to reduce surface oil with its water-resistant, silky-smooth and light-weight formula. Each eye shadow base features an exclusive anti-drying protectant lid.


  • Shade: Awake
    Color Description: Airy, Light Pink
    Finish: Sheen 
  • Shade: Composed
    Color Description: Warm chestnut
    Finish: Sheen 
  • Shade: Neutralize
    Color Description: Naked Peach
    Finish: Sheen 
  • Shade: Persuade
    Color Description: Nude
    Finish: Matte 
  • Shade: Provoke
    Color Description: Nude Peach
    Finish: Matte