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Extended Wear Eye Liner

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The Extended Wear Individual Eye Liner Collection features a versatile assortment of 9 exclusive shades and finishes. Each eye liner has a rich, creamy and long-wearing formula. Pair with your favorite eye shadows to create a customized collection. All eye liners are paraben-free.


  • ​Shade: Balance
    Color Description: Chocolate Brown
    Finish: Shimmer 
  • Shade: Boost
    Color Description: Rich Black
    Finish: Matte 
  • Shade: Declare
    Color Description: Deep Eggplant
    Finish: Shimmer 
  • Shade: Downplay
    Color Description: Antique Rust
    Finish: Shimmer 
  • Shade: Drift
    Color Description: Vibrant Yellow-Gold
    Finish: Shimmer 
  • Shade: Electrify
    Color Description: Royal Purple
    Finish: Shimmer 
  • Shade: Enlighten
    Color Description: Soft Gold
    Finish: Shimmer 
  • Shade: Flirt
    Color Description: Vivid Turquoise
    Finish: Shimmer 
  • Shade: Focus
    Color Description: Green-Brown
    Finish: Duo-chrome